Woodland Press Services

Note: At this time (2013), we are only accepting manuscripts historical in nature and ghost/folklore/thriller stories. The works we are looking for include any of the genres listed below:

  • Historical Non Fiction
  • Historical Fiction
  • Biographies
  • Legends
  • Ghost Tales
  • Folk Lore

We prefer titles with Appalachian subject matter. However, we will consider others if we determine a reasonable marketing strategy.

Woodland Press welcomes manuscripts for review, however our docket is currently beyond capacity and we are scheduling projects 18 – 24 months in advance. Due to this heavy production schedule, it often takes from three to six months for manuscripts to be juried.

Be sure to read this entire page before submitting your work, as there are certain literary works that Woodland Press is unwilling to publish or resell.

Submit a Manuscript for Review

  1. Print the entire manuscript (or at least several chapters of the work).
  2. Include your email address and contact information on a separate piece of paper and include it with your submission so we can contact you.
  3. Package it using US Postal Service or Fed-Ex to the address shown on the right column of this page (marked CONTACT US).
  4. Write "Attention Manuscripts" on the outside of the package
  5. Include self addressed, postage-paid return packaging if you wish to have the manuscript returned to you after a decision (to publish or not) has been made. WE WILL NOT RETURN ANY MANUSCRIPT THAT COMES TO US WITHOUT RETURN ADDRESSED, POSTAGE PAID PACKAGING.
  6. Wait up to six months for us to review your work. Calling and/or emailing us will not increase your chance of becoming published. In fact, it may decrease the potential instead.

Please understand that we would love to publish every manuscript we receive, but that is not realistic or possible. We have limited funds with which to publish and we have to feel confident we can recoupe our investment.

Woodland Press, LLC is a Chapmanville, West Virginia-based organization made up of several creative individuals with passion and determination in the independent book publishing field. In a rather short period of time, the firm has built a niche’ in the industry by opening a door of opportunity to a select group of gifted writers, storytellers, and others who have something to offer from the Appalachian region of the country.

The company’s primary interest is non-fiction, history and well-researched biographies. Yet, on rare occasion, they do publish fiction, ghost tale books and other entertaining products.

By cultivating relationships with several of the largest distributors and book wholesalers in the book industry, Woodland Press now offers published products to bookstores across the nation, in prominent catalogs, and through several Internet websites — where they promote literary talent and help readers find and buy Woodland Press books.

This company’s network of distribution alliances allows their literary properties to penetrate many traditional and non-traditional markets — including major chains like Amazon, Borders, Walmart.com, Buy.com, Barnes & Noble, and others. This is made possible through their business relationships with West Virginia Book Company, IBPA, Quality Books, Inc. (QBI), Baker & Taylor, Springside Marketing, Ingram, Appalachian Distributors, and several other reputable companies.

In January 2004, the organization opened an inspirational division, where they focus on nationally known Southern Gospel Music artists and inspirational titles. For example, they have published biographies of nationally known artists, such as The Greenes (Hold On: The Authorized Biography of The Greenes), The Hoppers (After All These Years: The Authorized Biography of The Hoppers), Dottie Rambo (Driving Miss Dottie) and The Singing News Magazine (The History of Singing News Magazine). Other inspirational titles have included What's My Excuse, by Brad Crouser; and Living The Good Life, by Rev, Charles Wood II. They have garnered national recognition in the industry through publications or programs such as Bill and Gloria Gaither's Homecoming Magazine, Paul Heil's Gospel Greats, Southern Gospel News, TheSouthernGospel.com, and The Singing News Magazine.

  • The Woodland Press management team consists of successful businessmen and businesswomen who are accomplished authors, editors, graphic designers, and publishers.
  • *** Literary Works We Will Not Consider ***

    NOTICE: Woodland Press is a family-friendly book publisher. They do not publish material that includes profanity or any type of sexually explicit material. They do not publish political tracts, controversial exposés, occult text, or New Age works. Woodland Press reserves the right to accept or deny any submission for any reason, unless such reason would violate state, local or federal law.

    We do not currently publish poetry, for there are outstanding publishers in the marketplace that can better market this highly specialized genre.


    *** Vendors/Resellers***

    Become a reseller of Woodland Press books. We offer generous reseller discounts to our family of vendors, public libraries and associates.

    If you would like more information on how your retail business can carry Woodland Press titles, please email your inquiry to woodlandpress@me.com or fkeithdavis@mac.com; or FAX your request to (304) 752-9002.

    For our vendors and resellers: we believe in our fine books--so much so that we stand behind our catalog of book titles. We will accept book returns up to six months after the original purchase date. All book products must be returned to Woodland Press in new condition for full refund, less shipping and handling. All returns must receive prior authorization from Customer Service via our Customer Service email: woodlandpressllc@mac.com. Please indicate "Customer Service" in the subject line.

    For additional information on carrying Woodland Press books, call (304) 752-7152.