Prickett's Fort — SALE PRICE!

Prickett's Fort
By: Bill Hawkins
Softcover, 240 pages
ISBN: 0-9724867-7-1


"Riveting historical fiction!"

Prickett’s Fort is the story of the struggles of Ethan LeMaster and Alexander Braxton as they wrestle with danger, intrigue, and love. The account is based on actual events in the frontier of Virginia (now West Virginia), and the volume revolves around the inner warfare raging inside these men and those connected with them and exposes the harsh realities of the frontier while coating the senses with an aura of romance.

Ethan LeMaster is a worldly young man embarking on life from a difficult background that was not all that unusual on the frontier. He faces adventure and danger as a man uncertain of the future, in the same way he faces his love for Sarah Fletcher, a beautiful girl whose fickleness disarms and confuses the otherwise confident Ethan.

Ethan’s best friend and mentor, Alexander Braxton, is a man in his mid-thirties with a wife and four children. Throughout the story, Alex struggles with what he knows is right and the desire for revenge that sometimes seems to overwhelm him. Yet these struggles, increase his faith and in the end makes him a stronger man.

Prickett’s Fort is a rich adventure crammed with danger and suspense. It is a romance that exposes the innocence and intensity of a first love. It is a historical novel, based on actual events, that attempts to answer a few of the questions about the frontier and the courageous people who once pioneered a nation.

This volume is inspiring and powerful.