Arch: The Life of Gov. Arch A. Moore, Jr., Softcover Edition

Arch: The Life of Governor Arch A. Moore, Jr
By: Brad Crouser
Softcover, 612 pages
ISBN: 0-9793236-3-0

Autographed by Gov. Arch Moore Copies Are Still Available, while they last.


Now in its Second Printing. Softcover, revised and re-edited.
Autographed by Gov. Arch A. Moore, Jr.

"Arch Moore's decisions — both good and bad — are like boulders altering the course of a mountain river that is West Virginia. Brad Crouser rises to the challenge of chronicling the life of the enigmatic Moore." — Hoppy Kercheval, Metronews Talkine

This is the authorized story of West Virginia Governor Arch A. Moore, Jr. Author Brad Crouser, a Charleston lawyer and former state tax commissioner, takes the reader from the turn of the Twentieth Century and Arch's grandfather, the entrepreneur F. T. Moore, to the present day of his Congresswoman daughter, Shelley Moore Capito, from the mountaintops of triumph to the valleys of tragedy, weaving a most colorful story that rivets the reader through thirty-one gripping chapters. Numerous stories include the near-fatal wounding of Sgt. Moore by a German machine gun in World War II; a gerrymandered Congressional race in which the entire Democratic Establishment, including three Presidents, tried to defeat him; the few minutes Moore was "premier" of the Soviet Union; being shot down in Vietnam and his 1968 helicopter crash in Lincoln County; the 1976 trial and acquittal; the creation of the state's Interstate highway system; and crimes that sent him to an Alabama prison.

"He was, and will always be, a polarizing figure. I resisted the urgings of those who wanted me to portray Arch Moore as a villain, or the advice of others who wanted him presented as a saint," says Crouser about this, his second published book. "But he is neither. Instead, I tried to tell the story as fairly and accurately as I could and, in so doing, explain Moore's motivations in life and why, despite his illustrious career, he ended up getting into trouble with the feds. A genuine, three-dimensional subject has been presented, about whom the reader can draw his or her own conclusions."