Afflicting the Comfortable - Journalism and Politics in West Virginia

Afflicting the Comfortable  -  Journalism and Politics in West Virginia
By: Thomas F. Stafford
Hardcover, 331 pages
ISBN: 1-933202-04-1

Afflicting the Comfortable: Journalism and Politics in West Virginia is a historical record intimately told. A former investigative reporter with The Raleigh Register and The Charleston Gazette, Thomas F Stafford gives a candid account of the political corruption and scandal that racked the state for decades.

"Stafford's book offers fascinating memories of secret meetings at the old Charleston Press Club, of hours searching through government file cabinets and of trips to Florida's richest beach resorts to expose greed, corruption and hypocrisy.

Stafford revealed the truth about the 'Invest Right' scandal that put 13 state officials, including Gov. W. W. 'Wally' Barron, behind bars. Although tensions from his job led him to quit newspaper work in 1966, Stafford recalls the continuing scandals during Gov. Arch Moore's three administrations that ultimately put him in jail in 1990.

Stafford's integrity and courage set an example for all reporters and for all citizens who treasure democratic government." -- Paul J Nyden - Investigative reporter with The Charleston Gazette

"This tale of the looting of billions of dollars of West Virginia's limited natural and financial resources for the modern equivalent of thirty pieces of silver should be required reading for political scientists, journalism students and conservationists.

Like a mason building a house brick by brick, Tom Stafford builds his case in great detail, showing a half-century of plundering and incompetence by others given high public trust, including at least one individual whose wrongs may yet end up costing the state as much as a billion dollars." -- John Olesky, B.S.J. - West Virginia University 1954 - Journalist and editor for forty-three years, including twenty-six years with the Akron Beacon Journal