The Wiz of the West

The Wiz of the West
By: S. Clayton Rhodes
Softcover, 132 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9852640-7-9

REGULAR $14.95

THE WIZ OF THE WEST (An Alternate Take on the Wizard of Oz Theme). You know the story, you know the movie. But have you ever stopped to wonder what might have happened if that Kansas twister had brought Dorothy Gale not to Oz, but to the Old West?

Follow the adventures of Dotty and her friends the Scared Crow, Lionel and the tinhorn as they pit their wits against Hawknose Halley and her dog brigade and buzzards. Ole Hawknose is none too happy about someone dropping a house on her little sister, the Widder Schwartz, and she'll do anything to get her hands on her sis's ruby red ramblers, which Dotty now wears.

Ozwald P. Harroway, the Wiz of the West, may be Dotty's only hope to return home, but he's in Green Glen, a long ways from Castle Butte.

Along her dangerous quest, Dotty learns friendship is some pretty potent magic. She also finds there's no place like home, home on the range!

Based on the play by Michael McGill and
Inspired by the novels of L. Frank Baum

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What others are saying about The Wiz of the West:

My daughter, Bella, and I recently read The Wiz of the West. As we turned the pages we entered into an action-packed adventure with Dotty and her friends. S. Clayton Rhodes has penned an exciting and memorable tale about friendship that reminded us both that there's definitely no place like home. What a great read!

—Michael Knost, Bram Stoker Award-winning editor and author

* * *

"The Wiz of the West!" is so witty and totally non-offensive it deserves a few more! It's a fantasy novel for kids, probably pre-teen, and as fun and quirky as it gets. If you can imagine a Dotty in, you guessed it, red cowgirl boots, you get the idea. It's mostly about kind people and friendship with a few "wicked" folks sprinkled in, of course. It's one of those "clean" books we can thank Woodland Press for publishing.

—Phyllis Wilson Moore